Trips near Molenbergh

The Havixhorst

The Havixhorst is a manor established in 1618 on an estate in the village of De Wijk. A restaurant can be found in both the manor and the coach house. The grounds around the Havixhorst are a pure and untouched example of the old farm landscape. In part due to its age this piece of land possesses a special value. Across the grounds a walking route has been set up.

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6 km

perenpluk BB Drenthe


On the first Saturday of October the annual Perenpluk (Pearpicking) is hosted in Ruinerwold. An auctioneer will walk along the 7 km long Dokter Larijweg in around 5 hours, and you will have the ability to bid on the trees’ harvest. The average price of a tree falls between €5,- and €10,-.

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3 km

modewereld van de belt 7 km vanaf Molenbergh

Fashion store van de Belt

Van de Belt Modewereld has been famous to a large amount of consumers in the north for many years. But people from accross the country come here to look at its more than 200 different brands. Coffee is free in the trendy restaurant.

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6 km

Karstenhoeve vlakbij Bnb Molenbergh


Museum farm De Karstenhoeve
The Ruinerwold-based museum farm De Karstenhoeve from the first half of the 17th century is one of the most beautiful landmark museum farms in the country.

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4 km

saunacomplex thermen zuidwolde op 20 km afstand van molenbergh bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje zuid west drenthe

Sauna Thermen Zuidwolde

The saunacomplex to choose when you are looking for attention, peace and space. They also offer a good menu with i.a. vegetarian dishes. Guests at the Molenbergh receive an interesting discount.

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15 km

Deooievaars op De Lokkerij6 km vanaf Molenberg resized 1

Stork station De Lokkerij

Although some of the stork outdoor stations have closed, De Lokkerij in De Wijk still functions as it once did: as infocentre and shelter. Here you can watch storks from up close.

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6 km

staphorst BB Drenthe BB Drenthe


The local village of Staphorst is mainly known for its strong ties to church and the traditional clothing. This ribbon of development of thatched roofs is painted in Staphorst green and blue. Staphorst hosts a cosy market on Wednesday afternoons, and the Staphorster days in summer.

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8 km

Frederiksoord BB Drenthe

Koloniën van weldadigheid Frederiksoord

Come to Frederiksoord and experience the extraordinary tale of the underclass in the Colonies of Beneficence. A must-see when you come to visit Drenthe. Also hosts an interactive museum since 2019.

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20 km

InOutHout 2

In Out Hout

Nico Westenbrink of Inouthout has been creating bespoke wooden furniture from Ruinerwold since 2008. Unique designs, upon request, from benches to coffins, from outdoor kitchens to decorations. Take a look inside the workshop.

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meppel 8 km vanaf molenbergh


Meppel is the only real port city in all of Drenthe with the most inland located officialy recognised port in the Netherlands. Aside from that its city centre with its old facades and canals is certainly worth visiting. On Thursdays the city hosts a market, which give way to the big and festive Donderdag Meppeldagen during summer.

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7 km

plaggenhut BB Drenthe

Sod house in Echten

Here you will find a reconstructed sod hut, the house of the poor underclassed in the old days. Tourist centre and regional shop ‘t Huus mit de Belle’ is located inside the old sheeprink of a farm. Here you can go for a cup of coffee or tea, fun gifts, regionaal products and information about the area.

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6 km

Olde Fietse 3 km vanaf bnb molenbergh

Antiquary De Olde Fietse

An incredibly large collection of antiques, brocante and curiosa displayed in a model farm from 1925. Ruinerwold knows a lot of flea markets and antiquaries to spend your time in. In a radius of only 10 km you find no less than 7.

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The Netherlands are wonderful and from Ruinerwold you can visit a lot of sights worth seeing in only 30 minutes, taking a journey that might even take you back through time.

fiets icon
In 1925 the Dokter Larijweg road was constructed to replace the old road that would cross the trenches with rickety bridges. To honour the occasion, a thousand peer trees were planted all along the road. On the first Saturday of October the plentiful harvest is sold at auction during the Pearpickingfestival.

The Dokter Larijweg runs parallel to the Weidenweg, 3 kilometers to the north. Along this road you will also find the Karstenhoeve from 1680, which serves as both museum farm and tourist infocentre.

Aside from that Ruinerwold offers a variety of peculiar shops, like Opoes Erfenis, the smallest grocer in the Netherlands, or De Olde Fietse a model farm where the antiques and curiosities will definitely delight many a soul.

3 km to to the south you will find the Lokkerij, and make sure to walk past the old manor De Havixhorst. And did you know that people come all the way from Belgium to visit fashion house Modewereld Van de Belt. There is not a lot of department stores that can claim that. A relaxed afternoon of shooping or relaxing in the newly built restaurant. Make your trip complete by taking a detour up to Echten, where you can visit an actual sod hut for yourself.

If you are coming by car then a fifteen-minute drive will take you to Frederiksoord which offers an interesting insight into the past Society of Beneficience.

Within 15 kilometers you will also find the towns of Meppel, Staphorst and Hoogeveen. 

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