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at residency Molenbergh

goudsbloemen bij bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje boerderij molenbergh in drenthe
We enjoy our grounds, our land, and our planet. To make sure we can hand over everything to future generations, our work is performed as sustainable as possible and we take into account our environment and our fellow men.
On our grounds around the farm we tery to include as much biodiversity as we can. We work our garden in natural ways and grow our own fruits and vegetables. A lot of butterflies, bees and other insects visit our flowers and the many trees around our home house hedgehogs, birds, mice and other critters. This place is not just a paradise to us, but to animals as well.
nk wielrennen 2021 molenbergh bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje drenthe


The furnishing in our guesthouses were picked with sustainability in mind as well. Most pieces were either given or bought second-hand. Of course the matrasses, bedclothes and towels are new.
Next to the yurt we use a compost toilet built in a little house made from residual wood. That means no drinking water is being used to flush.

in de sauna bij molenbergh bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje drenthe

Solar panels

Behind our farm stand 22 solar panels with which we can supply our farm and yurt with electricity. So when you use the heater in the yurt or charge your electric bike, you can be sure that power was generated using the sun.

The wood we burn are either prunings or local trees that had to be cut down. The wood in the sauna is reused, and originally came from a hardware store that used these pieces to stack pallets.

eetkamer molenbergh bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje drenthe

Fairtrade and ecological.

We clean using products from Jemako and do our laundry using environmentally-friendly detergents. In doing so we help cleaning our wastewater, which is better for the biodiversity.

Coffee and tea are both organic and Fairtrade-certified and other products we use are also sustainable where possible.