Nature in Southwest Drenthe

heide bij echten 3 km vanaf bnb molenbergh

Heather in Echten

Drenthe has many beautiful fields of heather, one of which is fairly close to Molenbergh, surrounded by the woods of Ruinen and Echten. Cycling there takes about 15 minutes.

havelterberg 13 km vanaf bij bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje molenbergh in drenthe


Drenthe has a lot of ‘hunebedden’. One of the nicest ones can be found in this hilly hiking area at a distance of 13 km from Molenbergh. Wonderful for cycling, hiking, and a lot of mountainbiking. At the visitor’s centre you will find a sheep den and a restaurant.

brug door het moeras bij doosje 10 km vanaf bij bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje molenbergh in drenthe


Just accross the border from Drenthe lies Doosje, a fen with a wooden walking route. Put on your shoes and stroll along the peat holes, forests and open water. In patricular during summer you will  be able to fully enjoy the birds, like the small reed warbler, reed sparrow and water rail. 12 km from Molenbergh.

struunpad BB Drenthe


The nature and countryside in Drenthe are to be enjoyed! Stroll through a wonderful nature reserve along unpaved trails. Inhabitants of Koekangerveld built this trail together. A walk with an experience, 7 km from Molenbergh.

dwingelderveld 15 km vanaf bij bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje molenbergh in drenthe


Nationaal Park Dwingelderveld, 10 km from Molenbergh, is the largest uninterrupted wet heathland in Western Europe. On cycling-, hiking-, mountainbiking- or horseback trails, as well as two routes for the disabled, you will be able to discover this piece of nature for yourself. There is even a Nachtwandelroute to walk at night.

Beulakker 20 km vanaf bnb molenbergh


After 20 kilometers you will find yourself in the wetlands of Overijssel, where the Beulakkerwijde and Belterwijde offer room for sailing, waterskiing and more aquatic recreation. During cold winters this place turns into a wonderful area for iceskating. Giethoorn is situated here as well.

weerribben BB Drenthe


Just outside of Drenthe, Nationaal Park Weerribben-Wieden offers a beautiful location for hiking, cycling and boating (with silent ‘whisper boats’), but kayaking here is particularly beautiful. You navigate through walls of reed until you are so deep into the green that you can hear nothing but your paddles and the singing of birds. 20 km from Molenbergh.

dickninge 5 km vanaf molenbergh

Dickninge De Wijk Estate

Drenthe knows many estates, among which is Dickninge in English style which offers free access to a lovely hiking area. On the estate you will find a variety of rare plants like i.a. hollow root, wood anemone, cuckoo-pint, snowdrop and moschatel. 7 km from Molenbergh.

beulakker 20 km vanaf bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje molenbergh in zuidwest drenthe