Museums we recommend near Molenbergh

drukkerijmuseum BB Drenthe 

Print museum

A wonderful museum where watching and doing go hand in hand. Children can discover the museum through a scavenger hunt with a pencil. Different parts of the museum allow you to work yourself under the supervision of volunteers. You will have the opportunity to make paper, print your own name with a printing press and make your own screen print.

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museum de oude aarde 20 km vanaf bnb molenbergh

Museum De Oude Aarde

Museum De Oude Aarde (“the old earth”) in Giethoorn offers a unique collection of gems and decorative stones, as well as a terrarium with crocodiles and turtles. In 1969 the museum was opened by adventurer René Boissevain and his partner. Their regular trips to a number of locations all around this globe to gather stones are a guarantee for a steadily growing collection.

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20 km

Karstenhoeve vlakbij Bnb Molenbergh

Museumboerderij De Karstenhoeve

The Karstenhoeve in Ruinerwold from the first half of the 17th century is a typical landmark farmmuseum with a wonderfully decorated showroom, elevated room, kitchen, basement and an annex with wagon shed. The farm gives an impression of the (rich) farmer’s life in Drenthe around the year 1900. This location also serves as a Tourist Info Point.

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3 km

De Fundatie Zwolle 35 km vanaf bnb Molenbergh

Museum De Fundatie Zwolle

A little ways away from Molenbergh lies Zwolle (35km). But to art enthousiasts Musem De Fundatie (“The Foundation”) is a must. The museum owns a sizable collection of visual art of i.a. Jeroen Krabbé displayed in a memorable building in the centre of Zwolle.

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35 km

museum staphorst 10 km vanaf molenbergh

Museum Staphorst

Staphorst, a municipality with many faces, captures the imagination. The ribbon of colorful farms, the traditional clothing that is still being worn and the many traditions and habits make Staphorst a truly unique township. In the museum you will be able to discover the cultural past and present of Staphorst.

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8 km

Museum De Proefkolonie 20 km vanaf Molenbergh1

Museum De Proefkolonie

In brand new museum De Proefkolonie (“taste colony”) you tread in the footsteps of the first paupers (people who were born in poor families without chance to achieve anything). You experience their unforgettable story through a unique multimedial journey through time. This mainly caters to children.

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20 km

Museum Giethoorn 20 km vanaf Molenbergh

Museum Giethoorn

Ever wondered what life used to be like in Giethoorn? Find out in the fully renovated Museum Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus. Personal accounts of Giethoorn’s residents unveil aspects about peat extraction and particular habits. You can even see the inside of an authentic Giethoorn farm. The fisherman’s house and boat house give a unique impression of the simple life in this watery village.

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20 km

drents museum 40 km vanaf bnb Molenbergh

Drents Museum Assen

A small ways north in Drenthe, but certainly worth visiting, you will find the Drenths Museum in Assen,a  museum with international appeal that inspires young and old with stories of archeology, art and history. They often have special exhibitions. Children can walk along with an audiotour that was recorded for them.

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