Children’s activities around the Molenbergh

golfen 1 km vanaf bnb Molenbergh 1 1 1

Pitch en Putt

Next to gentleman’s farm “Lange Tieme” lies a wonderful 18-hole golf course embedded in the countryside. Differences in length and obstacles like sand bunkers, trees and ponds make every hole challenging and unique. The course is also suited for children. After a round of golf you will receive a warm welcome in Brasserie Lange Tieme, located in the farm.

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1 km

The nature game vlakbij bnb Molenbergh

The Nature Game

You hike along the Dwingelderveld with a tablet and find yourself in a fairytale, all the while learning about nature. The forest has never been more fun!

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15 km

Fietsen op de rails bij Havelte 13 km vanaf bnb molenbergh 2

Fietsen op de Rails

Cycling accross a modified railline accross the Holtingerveld in Havelte is definitely a new sight! The close to 3 km long track will take you through the history of the Second World War. A cart is being ridden by two people, meaning children cycle with their parents.

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13 km

De oude aarde Giethoorn 20 km vanaf bnb Molenbergh

De Oude Aarde Giethoorn

Museum De Oude Aarde (The Old Earth) in Giethoorn offers a unique collection of gems and decorative stones, along with a terrarium with crocodiles and turtles. Children will also be able to take part in a scavenger hunt through the museum. They can also hunt for their own crystals in little ponds.


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20 km

Bad Hesselingen in Meppel 7 km vanaf Molenbergh 1

Bad Hesselingen

Subtropical Bad Hesselingen in Meppel, where young and old can have fun. Along wide stairs you decend into a pool that is at most 1.40 meters deep. In the recreatinal pool you will find amon other things:

  • the interactive Mosquito Slide
  • a jungle pool for the little ones, with boats and toys
  • an interactive slide- and clambercaterpillar above the pool
  • a whirlpool with jetstreams
  • a tractorslide
  • a bubbly couch
  • a creek with a current
  • an expansive sitting area with catering
  • a large outside area with pasture and a large playground

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8 km

zweefvliegen op airport Hoogeveen 10 kilometer vanaf bnb Molenbergh

Hoogeveen Airport

Take a seat on the terrace of Hoogeveen Airport and feast your eyes. It is crowded with departing and arriving planes and skydivers, and during summer you will be able to see gliders take off and land.

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15 km

klimpark Meppel 7 km vanaf bnb Molenbergh 2

Bad Hesslingen Climbingpark

Next to Bad Hesselingen you will find a fantastic new climbing park. There are four levels (at 1, 4, 7 and 10 meters) with obstacles and a viewpoint at 12 meters high. You will be able to scale and descend. Consider combining this activity with swimmingpool Bad Hesselingen.

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8 km

speelboerderij de drentse koe vlakbij bnb Molenbergh

De Drentse Koe

This place went from farm to icemaker to both an indoor and outdoor playground. While the kids enjoy themselves parents will be able to read a newspaper and drink a cup of coffee.

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3 km

Vlinderparadijs Papilorama 13 km vanaf Molenbergh

Butteryfly paradise Papiliorama

Every day hundreds of butterflies from across the world fly into this location’s specially planted flowers looking for nectar. Caterpillars gnaw with a singular desire to fill their stomaches as fast as possible. The garden enjoys a hot and humid climate.

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13 km

Varen met de boswachter in De Wieden 20 km vanaf bnb Molenbergh resized

The Belterwieden

From visitors centre De Wieden in Sint Jansklooster you walk through a picturesque street, back in the time of peatcutting. Step on board the forester’s barge and be amazed by the beautiful nature that De Wieden has to offer. Enjoy the large lakes, small creeks and the floating lands.

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20 km

visvangen bij De Woldsteck vlakbij bnb Molenbergh

Fishing pond De Woldsteck

In four fine troutponds and two ‘experience’-ponds you can fish to your heart’s content. Suitable for children as well.

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1,5 km

De proefkolonie 20 km vanaf Molenbergh

Museum De Proefkolonie

In brand new museum De Proefkolonie (taste colony) you tread in the footsteps of the first paupers (people who were born in poor families without chance to achieve anything). You experience their unforgettable story through a unique multimedial journey through time. This mainly caters to children.

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