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Swimming in the southwest of Drenthe

in the vicinity of Molenbergh

yurt en sauna breedbeeld Molenbergh
A pond has been dug out behind our farm, forming a small body of natural water that mainly serves to cool sauna users or wake you up in the morning both on a cool or hot day. It is a little over 1 meter deep, making it safe for children while just allowing you to stretch your legs. The water is home to a lot of plants. The pond is a port of the terrain surrounding the yurt, and a such is only available to other guests when the yurt is not being rented out.
engelgaarde met zwem en viswater op 3 km afstand van molenbergh breakfast vakantiehuisje zuid west drenthe

Natural Reserve Engelgaarde (Angel’s Garden)

The ‘hole of Blijdestein’ is a beautiful lake located a little over 3 km from Molenbergh where you can enjoy a nice swim or fish. It is a former sand mining hole in Natural Reserve Engelgaarde which has compaarably clear water due to its depth. Surrounding the water is a forest with varied flora and fauna and a couple of small beaches dotted around the lake where you can access the water. Both a hiking and cycling track surround the lake. The lake is accessible by turning right towards Ruinerwold at the end of the Weidenweg and turning left onto the Weg van de Bloemen until you reach the parking spots.

It can be decidedly busy on a hot day, especially around the beaches. This means that mornings and evenings are an ideal time for visiting.

A small nudist recreational area can be found at the south of the pond.

There are no catering or sanitation facilities.

zwarte dennen zwemwater op 10 kilometer afstand van bed breakfast en vakantiehuisje molenbergh zuid west drenthe

Children’s pond Zwarte Dennen (Black Dens)

The natural body of water Zwarte Dennen located in the forests around Staphorst is probably more suited to children. The beaches can be enjoyed by the youngest of children and a playing ground allows for ample out-of-water entertainment. The meadow offers a spot for a picnic or sunbathing, and the kiosk offers a variety of food and drinks and also contains a toilet. The terrain belongs to Staatsbosbeheer, the national public body tasked to preserve its forests. They also offer a walk-and-experience trail for children.


hoe kom ik bij de zwarte dennen vanaf bed en breakfast vakantiehuisje molenbergh in zuidwest drenthe