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About us

We had honestly never considered ourselves to be farmer-material.

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About us

We aim to please our guests.

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About us

As Jaap will always tell you, he has a lot of girlfriends.

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About us

Cooking together, and with locally grown ingredients no less, never seizes to entertain.

Jaap and Janet van der Molen found this paradise where they can take care of guests.

Jaap and Janet are owners of the Molenbergh in Ruinerwold. They put their heart and soul into building it, and in doing so have witnessed their dreams come true. “When we bought the farm a couple of years ago, we already had plans for a Bed & Breakfast. We dreamt about sharing this wonderful location with our guests. In September of 2018 it was time, and in the Molenbergh our dreams became reality.” Aside from the many hours spent toiling around the premises, Jaap used to work at a school in Meppel. But Janet will say that he rather spends his time at home, working the garden and taking care of the animals. During your stay he will also take care of the grounds, firing up the sauna, picking you up from the station and taking you to a spot in the area. Of course you are also welcome to help him cutting wood or feeding the animals, and if you had always wanted to ride a lawnmower here’s your chance. Janet has spent many years in education. Her biggest hobby is singing which she does in a choir. But according to Jaap she is the driving force behind the Molenbergh. It is her job to take care of the farmhouse and to make sure guests will feel at home during their stay. She loves cooking and baking, and upon request she will prepare you a delicious meal or indulge you with homemade appetizers and drinks. Both love gardening and the grounds are a paradise to stay on with each season bearing new surprises. The children, now in their twenties, have already flocked out but with guests on the grounds and all the matters that require attention around the house there is no time to disappear into the flowerbeds. The name Molenbergh is derived from their last name ‘Van der Molen‘ and the local township¬†Berghuizen.


“Someday we would have loved to move abroad to start a B&B, but things kept coming up. We put off on our plans until we saw this house in 2013 and realized that we could also make our dreams come true right here in Drenthe. We were granted the house and we would like to share this fantastic location with you.”

Janet van der Molen
bij yurt BedBreakfast Molenbergh Ruinerwold

About us

Receiving and taking care of guests: Janet will gladly do it.

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About us

Lighting a fire and spending time together: you do not want the night to end.

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About us

Janet likes cooking delicious food and regularly tries out new recipes with enthousiasm.

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About us

Fresh produce from our own grounds. We make delightful food from it that we will gladly share with you.

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